A Cooling option for Precellys® 24. The Cryolys® is a patented cooling option that keeps temperature at approx. 4°C during homogenization. It allows extraction of stable RNA and native-state proteins. Cryolys® is compatible with Precellys®24 and Precellys®24-Dual.



  • Keep Tissue at optimal temperature during homogenization

Cold air (-50°C) is sprayed around the tubes so that temperature during homogenization remains at approximately 4°C. A probe allows a monitoring of temperature inside cover.



  • Protect sensitive molecules from degradation

Get Higher yield, quality and functionality, prevent enzymes from becoming active and retain 100% active proteins.

  • Dry-Ice or Liquid Nitrogen cooling

Cryolys prevents increasing of temperature during lysis process and enhances efficiency of molecular extraction leading to premium quality analysis. Compressed Air goes through liquid nitrogen or Dry-Ice in the Cryolys®, so the cold compressed air is sprayed inside the Precellys®24. Samples are cooled and temperature sensitive molecules are kept into their native states


Connection requirements

  • Air Inlet Connection: 3/8 BSP female supplied with grooved nipple for 10mm diameter hose
  • Air Inlet requirements: Dry air, 5 bars


Precellys®Lysing kits price list 2016

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