Precellys®24 and Precellys®24-Dual


Precellys®24 is a high-throughput tissue homogenizer that operates up to 24 tubes in 0.5 ml and 2 ml in the same run.

Precellys® 24-Dual, 6 samples of 7 ml or 12 samples of 0,5mL-2mL lysing tubes.  



  • Fast, easy and efficient

Typical homogenization time is 30 seconds for a large majority of samples. Nucleic acid or proteins are separated from the tissue matrix, and pipetted after a short centrifugation step to pellet the debris.

  • Flexible

Adapt protocols and consumables from soft to hard tissues (micro-organisms, animal or vegetal tissues). Highest speed motion of the market, it allows the grinding of challenging tissues like bones, hair, cartilage, skin etc.

Speed and beads can be adjusted for: dry grinding, micronisation, homogenization from fresh or snap-frozen tissues, lysis of micro-organisms and dissociation of living bacteria.

tissue homogenizer p24

  • Cooling unit Cryolys®

During motion, mechanical impacts between beads and sample can generate heat. Most often, the homogenization process is so rapid that the temperature does not reach denaturation levels. Nevertheless, for sensitive molecules, it is important to master this generation of heat.


  • Standard & Design for daily lab operations

Precellys®24 and 24/Dual has been designed for biological sample preparation. Biological space is entirely separated from the mechanical parts preventing any inside contamination. Also individual sealed tubes prevent cross contamination between sample preparations.

When the protocol is set up and validated, the sample preparation process remains the same with no bias in analysis, on a time basis or between operators. It was specifically developed and designed to be used in BSL3 laboratory under high throughput conditions, 50 to 100 runs per day.

Precellys®Lysing kits price list 2016

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