peqSTAR & Primus PCR Instruments


 PCR instruments from PEQLAB are developed and manufactured with impeccable quality in Germany. The combination of high specification engineering and superior system control enables powerful, fast ramping, stable temperature control and a high level of system reliability. The 'touch screen' control, USB ports, LAN connection and the universal block for 0.2 ml and 0.5 ml tubes result in unique ease of use.  peqSTAR thermocycler family are available in a wide range of block formats: (2 x 48, 96, 384 and in situ).

peqSTAR Thermocycler Familie

peqSTAR thermocyclers 

Excellent PCR results, shortest running times and the simplest operation – all fulfilled by the peqSTAR thermocycler, the most advanced, high performing cycler yet available. Driven by exceptional German engineering, the peqSTAR is a modern thermocycler, ready to take on the challenges of PCR.


peqSTAR 96X and 2X


The latest generation of the peqSTAR thermocycler family, packed with pioneering cycler engineering and now available in a wide range of block formats.

Primus 25 advanced® 

Big on performance, small on size, the keenly priced Primus 25 advanced® is a fully validated, highly versatile and dependable system – the perfect personal cycler.


  • Safety tested
  • Production monitored
  • Certified quality


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