PhAST blue, viable qPCR assays


Viability PCR combines the use of photo-reactive reagents with a high affinity for DNA with a photo-chemical reaction. The nature of the reagents precludes them from passing through cell membranes. For this reason, the DNA from cells with undamaged membrane will remain photo blockage free. After the treatment of microbial aqueous suspension with our reagents in combination with a photo-activation step, only DNA from living microorganisms will be detected through molecular procedures.


Efficiency: PhASTBlue combines high power LED with the proper optical alignment of the reaction tube to ensure the maximum efficiency in the binding of the reagent to DNA.

Reproducibility and Speed : PhASTBlue improves reproducibility and avoids variations due to manual photoactivation. The PhAST is thermally stable and supplies a constant and uniform light dose, allowing simultaneous photo-activation of 12 samples in a simple and efficient manner in 10-15 min.

Simple treatment previous to PCR workflow : Add the reagent to a sample aliquot, mix and incubate in the dark during 10-30 min prior to photoactivation.

 legionella viable

Unique features

  • Maximum efficiency in the reaction of intercalating reagent photoactivation
  • Uniform light dose at room temperature
  • Main Unit with cover & 3 different colour skins for the 12 tubes sample holder
  • Compact and rough instrument
  • Photoactivate up to 12 samples simultaneously


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