Kit Content CoVID-19 dtec-RT-qPCR Test

  • TargetSpecies dtec-RT-qPCR-mix (AMBER TUBE), contains a mixture of specific forward/reverse primers and probe, at optimal concentration lyophilized after synthesis. 100 reactions
  • Resuspension buffer (WHITE CAP), 130 µl
  • DNase/RNase free water (GREEN CAP), 1.5 ml
  • Internal Control qPCR-mix (AMBER TUBE), contains a mixture of primers, probe and the DNA template to achieve a suitable internal control of PCR. 100 reactions
  • LyoMix RT-qPCR (BLUE CAP), lyophilized pellet containing a DNA polymerase, retrotranscriptase, dNTPs, BSA and buffer. 2 vials, 50 reactions each
  • LyoMix resuspension buffer (YELLOW CAP), 600 µl
  • Standard Template (RED CAP), 2.4 x 107 target dehydrated copies for positive control.
  • Standard buffer (BLACK CAP), exclusive for resuspension of the Standard Template. 500 µl


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