QuickGene-Mini80 is a compact system requiring no centrifugation in the extraction process, giving less strain to samples and enabling rapid nucleic acid extraction. DNA and RNA can be easily extracted from various samples including human, mouse, plants, cells, fungi and others. The QuickGene-Mini80 shares a common extraction mechanism and kits with our semi-automated nucleic acid isolation system, QuickGene-810. QuickGene-Mini80 offers high performance comparable to QuickGene-810 at a reasonable price. 


 dna rna 2


Revolutionary Porous Mebrane

The QuickGene -Mini80 uses FUJIFILM's patented porous membrane only 80μm thick. Because of the outstanding absorptive and desorptive performances of the membrane, high-purity nucleic acid can be easily obtained in high yield at low pressure. The ultra-thin membrane enables nucleic acid extraction in shorter time than when compared to glass fiber membranes.


High Purity, High Yield

Highly reproducible QuickGene-Mini80 can stably extract nucleic acid in high yield. The extracted DNA/RNA contains few impurities and can be used directly in PCR and RT-PCR.


Specific set of isolation kits

There are available a broad range of isolation kits to extract nucleic acids from any sample. Appropriate kit can be selected depending on sample (whole blood, tissues, cultured cells, plant cells, fungi…).


Fast workflow for extraction

QuickGene Isolation kits are optimized for the QuickGene system to extract DNA and RNA in the shortest time and with the highest quality. DNA can be extracted from human whole blood in only 6 min.


 dnawhole blood kit


List of QuickGene DNA/RNA Extraction Kits


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