Avian polyomavirus


The APV dtec-qPCR comprises a series of species-specific targeted reagents designed for Avian polyomavirus detection by using qPCR. Avian polyomavirus or avipolyomavirus is a member of the {Polyomavirus} genus in the Papovaviridae family. It is unique among polyomaviruses, because it can cause death. The infection has been called budgerigar fledgling disease or APV infection. The virus is known to cause acute and chronic illness in multiple bird species, but mainly parrot species. Avian polyomavirus seems to be most problematic among neonates and young birds, which often die, while adult birds can develop a certain level of immunity. In most cases, carrier birds develop a chronic illness resulting in permanent malformations of feathers. It can be transmitted by direct contact or by contact with infected environments. This pathogen is considered one of the most significant threats to caged birds around the world.

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