FUJI DNA/RNA purification

Revolutionary porous membrane

KURABO (FUJI) uses a revolutionary porous membrane through the application of a unique membrane production technology to realize high purity and high yield in nucleic acid extraction. Versatile extraction kits support various samples to expand the application and possibility of DNA/RNA extraction, from basic research to medicine, food, agriculture and forensic criminal investigations.

  • Revolutionary porous membrane
  • Highly reproducible purification of DNA, RNA and plasmids
  • Any kind of samples: tissue, plants, bacteria, virus and fungi
  • Different protocols adapted to your needs
  • Possibility to automate the process: QuickGene 810 / QuickGene Mini80 / QuickGene 610L

Choose the spin kit which best suits your sample type:

  • DNA whole blood kit
  • DNA tissue kit
  • Plasmid kit
  • RNA tissue kit
  • RNA cultured cell kit
  • RNA cultured HC cell kit
  • Lysis buffer LDT
  • Tissue lysis buffer MTD
630-23549 DB-S DNA whole blood kit S 96
637-23559 DT-S DNA tissue kit S 96
633-23539 DB-L DNA whole blood kit L 48
634-23569 PL-S2 Plasmid kit SII 96
638-23609 RT-S2 RNA tissue kit SII 96
638-23589 RC-S RNA cultured cell kit S 96
635-23599 RC-S2 RNA cultured cell HC kit S 96
631-23579 RB-S RNA blood cell kit S 96
635-23619 SP-DB SP DNA whole blood kit 96
632-23629 SP-DT SP DNA tissue kit 96
159-36072 LTD Lysis Buffer LDT 30ml
159-36096 MDT Tissue lusis Buffer MDT 25ml

Please, ask for more information: info@geneticpcr.com