Multi-locus Phylogenetic Analysis from Bacterial Pure Cultures


The phylogenetic analysis of housekeeping gene sequences is a robust and unequivocal approach for bacterial species identification from pure cultures. GPS™ counts with 30 years’ experience in the field of bacterial phylogenetic studies (see link for publications) and a recognized reputation in genetic analysis typing methods.

Please send us the pure culture plates with isolated colonies and GPS™ will proceed with the following phylogenetic analysis:

  • Extraction of DNA from a single colony
  • Primer design and PCR amplification of selected gene (gyrB, rpoD, recA,..)
  • Purification of derived amplicon
  • Determination of genetic sequence
  • Screening to resolve sequence ambiguities
  • Comparisons with databases and objective interpretation
  • Alignments and tables of sequence similarities
  • Inference of phylogenetic trees including sequences from species type strains
  • Phylogenetic and taxonomic conclusions
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GPS™ also provide genetic typing services for authentication of strains. Genetic typing may be useful in: quality control of microbial based products, fraud detection, new product registration or European patent submission, traceability of food and water pathogens, environmental epidemiology, support for scientific publications

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