Panel dtec-qPCR

Easy Singleplex detection of related targets

The product designed as Panel dtec-qPCR, comprises a comprehensive assay for the detection of a range of related targets. A group of 3 or more selected targets are packed together to perform a complete battery of assays to the same sample. All the targets are labelled with the same fluorophore to avoid multiplexing troubles and offer a precise quantification.

  • Multiple singleplex assays in parallel
  • Device do not require extra channels
  • Easy screenings (cat diseases, pulmonary affections, multiple markers in a disease…)
  • Affordable prices


  • TargetSpecies qPCR-mix, one for each target
  • Resuspension buffer
  • MixStable qPCR.5X mastermix
  • Standard Template on known copy number
  • DNase/RNase free water

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