New format, dehydrated and ready-to-use

This innovative product are individual ready-to-use tubes containing all the components needed for detection of specific pathogens: dNTPs, polymerase, pathogen-specific primers and probe, and the appropriate buffer. 

MONODOSE advantages

Dispensing aliquots for PCR from a master solution, with addition of primer/probe, has some disadvantages: rupture of the enzyme by freezing/thawing, risks of cross-contamination, fluorophore deterioration by UV light and time consuming. Some benefits are listed below:

  • Just add your diluted sample to each tube and run qPCR.
  • As reactions are dehydrated, can be transported at room temperature.
  • Optimized MONODOSE dtec-qPCR Tests shows no difference compared to the non-dehydrated ordinary qPCR.
  • Our HotStart Taq polymerase is very stable in absence of water and is rapidly activated with only 1 minute at 95 ºC.
  • Thermal regime is quick and the same for all our kits, you may perform detection of different pathogens in the same run.
  • Compatibility with all qPCR devices, plate based and glass capillary.

Take the MONODOSE tubes you need to test from the fridge, no need defrosting, no risk of contamination…

…Just add sample and run PCR with our standard protocol.