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qPCR Calibration

GPS™ offers a technical calibration of all their real-time PCR kits. This information is provided to the customer for each kit as a Quality Certification document. The calibration consists in a full range decimal dilution curve from 106 to 10 copies containing the values for the most relevant parameters of the curve: efficiency and coefficient of correlation (R2).

Technical validation

Evaluation of inhibition

Samples can present inhibitors of qPCR leading to false negative results. Therefore GPS™, offers an assessment of inhibition for different kind of matrices, from veterinary samples to food pre-enrichments. Analysis is performed through our TargetSpecies dtec-qPCR tests and is evaluated both, partial or total inhibition. The study of the inhibitors can help in the selection of the extraction/purification procedure and lead to an increase of the efficiency of the technique, obtaining more reliable results.

Evaluation of inhibition

Internal Validation ISO 17025

We provide services for validation of your specific qPCR kits. Our validation report will contribute to increase the quality of your internal assay procedure and will support evaluation during full method validation and/or accreditations to international norms. Parameters for validation of qPCR kits with intend to meet the standards of UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 and AOAC International guidelines.

  • Specificity (inclusivity and exclusivity) by using bacterial type strains from reference culture collections.
  • Validation of standard calibration curve, analysis of variance and efficiency (accuracy and precision).
  • Determination of limits for detection and quantification.
  • Inhibitory effect of sample.
  • Reliability characteristics: repeatability, reproducibility, and measurement uncertainty.

Additionally, if required different matrices can be evaluated:

  • Food: meat, fish, ready-to-eat products, sauces, creams, milk, condiments, salads.
  • Environmental: indoor air control, water, cooling towers, pools, SPAs, gym-rooms, surfaces.

Other Services

I+D: GPS™ offers the possibility of developing I+D projects through the specific study of innovation and technology needs of its customers.

Genetic typing: GPS™ also provide genetic typing services for authentication of strains. Genetic typing may be useful in: quality control of microbial based products, fraud detection, new product registration or European patent submission, traceability of food and water pathogens, environmental epidemiology, and support for scientific publications.

Please, ask for more information: info@geneticpcr.com

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