Chlamydia abortus


The ChlAbo dtec-qPCR comprises a series of species-specific targeted reagents designed for Chlamydia abortus detection by using qPCR. Chlamydia abortus (formerly classified as ruminant C. psittaci serotype 1) is a Gram-negative bacterium and an obligate intracellular pathogen of eukaryotic cells belonging to the Chlamydiaceae family. C. abortus is endemic among ruminants and is responsible of producing spontaneous abortion, stillbirth, or delivery of weak lambs. It has been also associated with abortion in horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, pigs and humans. C. abortus infection generally remains inapparent until an animal aborts late in gestation or gives birth to a weak or dead foetus. It is a major cause of reproductive failure in most sheep-rearing countries and, consequently, a serious economic problem.


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