Citrus psorosis virus phylotype 2


The CPsV-ph2 dtec-RT-qPCR comprises a series of specific targeted reagents designed for Citrus psorosis virus phylotype 2 detection by using qPCR. Citrus psorosis virus is a single-stranded RNA virus infecting Citrus plants worldwide. External symptoms can be exhibited in leaves, fruit, bark, trunk, roots and branches. Leaf infection displays chlorotic flecks, or a decrease in chlorophyll/healthy coloring, mottling and spots; fruit may show ring-like chlorotic areas. Citrus plants which have been reported to exhibit this virus are grapefuit, mandarin, orange and tangerine, lemon, pomelo and lime. It is economically crucial in the production and distribution of citrus fruit worldwide. Two different phylogenetic groups (I and II) have been shown from the analysis of data described and deposited in the public databases. No differences on pathogeny are observed in both phylotypes. CPsV-ph2 is designed to detect the Citrus psorosis virus phylotype II.


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