Fusarium oxysporum


The FusOxy dtec-qPCR comprises a series of specific targeted reagents designed for Fusarium oxysporum detection by using qPCR. Fusarium oxysporum is an ascomycete fungus belonging to the Nectriaceae family. Although their predominant role in native soils, all over the world, may be harmless or even beneficial plant endophytes or soil saprophytes, many strains within the F. oxysporum complex are pathogenic to plants, especially in agricultural settings. It is a ubiquitous soil inhabitant that have the ability to exist as saprophyte and degrade lignin and complex carbohydrates associated with soil debris. F. oxysporum is not discriminating, they can cause disease in nearly every agriculturally important plant. While collectively, plant pathogenic F. oxysporum strains have a broad host range, individual isolates usually cause disease only in a narrow range of plant species.


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