Haemonchus contortus


The HaeCon dtec-qPCR comprises a series of specific targeted reagents designed for Haemonchus contortus detection by using qPCR. Haemonchus contortus is a nematode parasite from the family Trichostrongyloidea. It is found worldwide and is an extremely important parasite of sheep and goats, but can infect other ruminants as cattle, deer, camels, and llama. Adult worms attach to abomasal mucosa and feed on the blood. H. contortus causes anemia and oedema of infected sheep and goats, which eventually can lead to death. The infection, called haemonchosis, causes large economic losses for farmers around the world, especially for those living in warmer climates. Together with H. contortusH. placei is also a main ruminant parasite which predominates on cattle. Cross-infection can be observed in areas where both parasites are sympatric and even hybrid descendants may appear, which can lead to positive qPCR amplification.


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