Lawsonia intracellularis


The LawInt dtec-qPCR comprises a series of species-specific targeted reagents designed for Lawsonia intracellularis detection by using qPCR. Lawsonia intracellularis is a Gram-negative, obligated intracellular bacterium belonging to Desulfovibrionaceae family. It causes intestinal hyperplasia mainly in pigs, but can infect a wide range of mammalian and avian species. Despite there is evidence of infection in primates, there is currently no direct evidence that can infect humans. The disease has two clinical manifestations in pigs: an acute hemorrhagic diarrhea and sudden death of pigs close to market age often called proliferative hemorrhagic enteropathy; and a chronic mild diarrhea with poor growth performance in grower-finisher pigs referred as porcine intestinal adenomatosis.  L. intracellularis is widespread among swine herds in different types of production systems and in all parts of the world.


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