Leishmania spp.


The LshSpp dtec-qPCR comprises a series of species-specific targeted reagents designed for detection by using qPCR of species of the genus Leishmania (Leishmania major, L. tropica, L. infantum, L. chagasi, L. donovani, L. mexicana venezuelensis, L. aethiopica, L. amazonensis, L. mexicana amazonensis, L. turanica, L. gerbilli, L. panamensis, L. braziliensis, etc.). Leishmania is agenusof Trypanosomatidprotozoa, and is theparasiteresponsible for the disease leishmaniasis. It is spread through sandflies of the genus Phlebotomusin theOld World, and of the genus Lutzomyiain theNew World. Their primary hosts arevertebrates;Leishmania commonly infectshyraxes, canids,rodents, andhumans.Leishmaniacurrently affects 12 million people in 88 countries. The parasite was named in 1903 after the Scottish pathologist William Boog Leishman.


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