Monilinia fructicola


The MonFru dtec-qPCR comprises a series of specific targeted reagents designed for Monilinia fructicola detection by using qPCR. Monilinia fructicola is a species of fungus belonging to the Sclerotiniaceae family. It is a plant pathogen, responsible of brown rot of stone fruits. Brown rot causes blossom blight, twig blight, twig canker and fruit rot. High humidity conditions are when the fruit trees are most at risk from infection. Infected blossoms wilt, shrivel and become covered with greyish mould. Petals may appear light brown or water-soaked and the blossom do not produce fruit. Dead blossoms may stick to spurs and twigs until harvest, providing a source of spores for the fruit rot phase. Young green fruit can be also infected just before autumn, but the infection often remains inactive until near maturity of the fruit. Brown rot can spread after harvest and mature fruit can decay in only 2 days under warm conditions.


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