Monilinia fructigena (MonFrg dtec-qPCR)


The MonFrg dtec-qPCR comprises a series of specific targeted reagents designed for Monilinia fructigena detection by using qPCR. Monilinia fructigena is an ascomycete fungus belonging to Sclerotiniaceae family. It is one of the responsible for the brown rot blossom blight disease that infects many different types of stone fruit trees, such as apricots, cherries and peaches. M. fructigena is primarily a problem on fruit of apple, pear and other pome fruits. M. fructigena is primarily found in the Eastern Hemisphere, particularly in temperate Europe and Asia, and coexists in many areas with M. laxa. Both pathogens produce similar disease symptoms and have common hosts, coexist in the Western Hemisphere, notably North America, and Australia. Also, in Central and Eastern Asia, where the host fruit trees originated, different species of Monilinia occurs.

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