Moraxella bovis


The MorBov dtec-qPCR comprises a series of specific targeted reagents designed for Moraxella bovis detection by using qPCR. Moraxella bovis is a Gram-negative, aerobic, non-motile bacterium belonging to the Moraxellaceae family. It is implicated in the infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis, an eye disease of cattle, also colloquially known as pinkeye or New Forest eye. M. bovis invades the lacrimal and tarsal glands of the eye, causing keratitis, opacity, uveitis, aqueous flare and corneal ulcers. Severe or untreated cases can lead to panophthalmitis and permanent blindness. Transmission is through direct contact with mucous membranes and their secretions or indirect contact where flies act as a mechanical vector. Asymptomatic carrier animals can also be source of infection. Carrier animals often carry avirulent, non-pathogenic strains of M. bovis. It is the most common ocular disease of cattle and is highly contagious with a worldwide distribution.


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