Total Bacteria DNA


The TBD dtec-qPCR comprises a series of specific targeted reagents designed for  Total Bacteria DNA detection by using qPCR. Bacterial load can be an interesting parameter to evaluate the microbial contamination degree in a sample. Please note than PCR may detects all genomic content, including the genomes from dead cells, and this may result in a higher genomic counts respect to live cells. Consequently, a pre-treatment of the sample with DNA-intercalants (i.e., PMA or similar) is recommended to remove DNA from dead cells.

TBD dtec-qPCR Test has been designed to target a universal bacterial multi-copy gene which usually ranges from 1 to 14 copies. Therefore, number of total genomic copies may be estimated by considering that a genome corresponds to ca. 10 gen-copies obtained by qPCR.

Since TBD dtec-qPCR Test targets a universal sequence, inclusive for all known bacteria, the negative controls may give a signal due to DNA contamination in PCR reagents, including the mastermix. In fact, a constant background signal, corresponding to a total of 10 genomic copies, can be observed when using this TBD dtec-qPCR Test kit.


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