F100 dtec-qPCR

Dehydrated and ready-to-use

Competitive format with all the components included for the qPCR assay

This format contains all the reagents to perform a qPCR reaction. The reagents are in liquid format and must be pipetted prior to prepare the reactions. In addition, the reagents have the huge advantage of being stable at room temperature.

* Includes a mastermix stable at room temperature.
* Thermal regime is quick and the same for all our kits.
* Updated primer specificity by phylogenetic analysis.
* Each batch is validated and a calibration curve is provided.
* Standard template with known copy number provided for quantification curve.
* High priming efficiency and broad dynamic detection range at least 6 logs.
* Sensitive to 10 copies of target

TargetSpecies dtec-qPCR content (DNA and RNA Target):

TargetSpecies dtec-qPCR-mix (primers and probe 100 reactions)
Resuspension buffer
Standard Template for calibration curve
DNase/RNase free ultrapure wáter
Mastermix GPS™-mix

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