One-Day Food Testing   


Detection of pathogens in a single day

GPS™ has developed a protocol for foodborne pathogen control that allows to advance the results in a single working day. Time of each step has been reduced and the procedure has been simplified and optimized. Easy, safe and fast.


 Erinch cartel
Salmonella enterica               8 hoursEnrichment
Escherichia coli                     8 hours
Listeriamonocytogenes      12 hours
Validations by using spiked samples(<10 cells) of spinach, chicken, mango,
guacamole and mixed matrices.





Rapid extraction (<20 min) of DNA from samples enriched in Peptone Broth and Fraser media  

- Elimination of PCR inhibitors

- Validated in different matrices:

vegetables, meat, dairy, cereals and fruits


Panel Cartel


All qPCRs run with the same protocol (temperature and time), allowing all pathogens to be tested simultaneously in single-plex at very low cost. Avoid false negatives!



Mondose Cartel  

MonodoseEach PCR tube contains all the reagents needed to perform the detection test for each specific pathogen. Just add the sample!


FastCycling cartel

GPS™ has optimized its reagents to use a thermo-cycling protocol with very short reaction times (8 min). Cycling

* qPCR total time depends on your thermocycler ramp rate

 “Anticipate the quality in IV Range food”


Internal GPS™ validation of qPCR kits according to international standard UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025

 Terms of validation

The validations have been performed following the guidelines of the international standard UNE-EN ISO 17025. Several aspects of the tests were based on the standards UNE-EN ISO 6579 (Salmonella), UNE-EN ISO 11290-1 (Listeria Monocytogenes) and UNE-EN ISO 16654 (Escherichia coli O157:H7). For questions related to PCR, UNE-EN ISO 22118  was reviewed.



Specifity of qPCR:              


              -Inclusivity / Exclusivity   (in silico & in vitro).



Quantitative PCR phase (calibration and statistical analysis n≥10):


             -Principle of validation of the standard curve (106 to 10 copies).

             -Protocol of evaluation of the standard curve.

             -Estimation of linear regression (R2).

             -Validation of the linear model.

             -Validation of efficiency (PCR performance).



Reliability of the analysis:






Sensitivity of the method:                                               


             -Limit of detection (LOD).                     

             -Limit of quantification (LOQ).

Validation One day




All parameters were tested for n= 10 experiments

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