Mycoplasmopsis bovis


The MycBov dtec-qPCR comprises a series of specific targeted reagents designed for Mycoplasmopsis bovis detection by using qPCR. Mycoplasmopsis bovis (formerly Mycoplasma bovis) is a Gram-negative species of bacteria that lack a cell wall, while also being  the smallest anaerobic organism in nature. It causes a range of diseases in cows and calves, including mastitis, arthritis, pneumonia, and late-term abortion. Even though cattle are the main hosts of the microorganism, other animals can be carriers. Additionally, not all infected cows develop an illness, enabling transmission between farms if infected individuals without symptoms are moved.  The route of infection appears to include contact with contaminated colostrum, ingestion of infected milk, exchange of corporal fluids and contact with contaminated respiratory droplets.

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