Aleutian mink disease virus


The AMDV dtec-qPCR comprises a series of specific targeted reagents designed for Aleutian mink disease virus   detection by using qPCR. Aleutian mink disease virus (named Carnivore amdoparvovirus 1) has a negative-sense DNA genome and is the first-discovered member of the genus Amdoparvovirus within the family Parvoviridae. It is responsible of the Aleutian mink disease, also known as mink plasmacytosis, a highly contagious disease. The virus has been found as a natural infection in the Mustelidae family within mink, ferrets, otters, polecats, stone and pine martens and within other varying carnivores such as skunks, genets, foxes and raccoons. This is most explained as because they all share the same resources and habitats. It is transferred through a ferret’s bodily fluids. This infection can be transmitted by direct/indirect contact with sick animals (body fluids) or vertically in utero; being able cause spontaneous abortion. Once symptoms show themselves, the disease progresses rapidly, usually to death within a few months.

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