Microcystine toxin gene mcyB


The mcyB-tox dtec-qPCR comprises a series of specific targeted reagents designed for Microcystine toxin gene mcyB detection by using qPCR. Microcystines (or cyanoginosins) are a class of toxins produced by certain freshwater cyanobacteria, commonly known as blue-green algae. The main productor are species from the Microcystis genus, but other genera as Planktothrix, Anabaena, Nostoc and Fisherella can produce toxins as well. Mycrocystines can cause liver damage to several animal species including dogs, fish, birds, and livestock. Genes involved in the biosynthesis of the toxin are organized into two operons (mcyA-C and mcyD-J). The assay was designed to recognise gene mcyB. The presence of this gene in a water sample can be correlated in most cases with the presence of microcystines.


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