Avian metapneumovirus subgroup B


The AMPV-B dtec-RT-qPCR comprises a series of specific targeted reagents designed for Avian metapneumovirus subgroup B detection by using qPCR. Avian metapneumovirus belongs to the genus Metapneumovirus of the Pneumoviridae family. It has a worldwide distribution and it is highly contagious mainly through oral transmission in direct contact or in contact with contaminated material. While turkeys are more susceptible , infection in chickens remains an issue for producers globally.

The virus is divided into four subtypes from A to D, which can be classified by the attachment of glycoprotein (G-protein).  Infection from subtype B is mostly associated with swollen head syndrome, which produces signs such as periorbital and infraorbital sinus swelling and nasal discharge in broiler, layer and breeder chickens. In fattening turkeys the upper respiratory tract is predominantly affected. Strains belonging to subtype B have been shown to cause drops in egg production and quality. The high variability between Avian metapneumovirus subtypes suggests an increased diversity within the species, which could potentially lead to future divisions.

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