The BirdSex epPCR comprises a series of species-specific targeted reagents designed for determination of sex in birds by using epPCR. Sex determination in birds is sometimes difficult due to the absence of sexual dimorphism in many species. The use of genetic markers to determine the sex of birds is the most effective alternative for accuracy and speed. Sex determination in young birds is of interest in ex situ conservation programs, production, operation, and population studies.

GPS has designed PCR primers for specific amplification of a conserved region of the sexual chromosome of birds, lyophilized in a tube named BirdSex epPCR mix. This region contains introns showing different size if they belong to W-chromosome or chromosome Z. This arrangement gives a single fragment amplification (displayed in a single band by electrophoresis in agarose gels) in the male since this is homogametic (ZZ), but two amplification products represented by two different sized electrophoretic bands in females (ZW).


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