Brucella spp.


The BruSpp dtec-qPCR comprises a series of specific targeted reagents designed for Brucella spp. detection by using qPCR. Brucella is a genus of Gram-negative bacteria. They are small, non-motile, non-encapsulated coccobacilli, which function as facultative intracellular parasites. Brucella is the cause of brucellosis, which is a zoonosis. It is transmitted by ingesting contaminated food, direct contact with an infected animal, or inhalation of aerosols. Some of the names for the brucellosis include (human disease/animal disease): Malta fever/Bang’s disease, Undulant fever/enzootic abortion, Mediterranean fever/epizootic abortion, Rock fever of Gibraltar/slinking of calves, Gastric fever/ram epididymitis and Contagious abortion/spontaneous abortion.


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