Theileria annulata


The TheAnn dtec-qPCR comprises a series of specific targeted reagents designed for Theileria annulata detection by using qPCR. Theileria annulata is a tick-transmitted hemoprotozoan parasite belonging to the Theileria genus.

The parasite undergoes a life cycle that includes a sexual phase within tick vectors and asexual developmental stages within mammalian hosts. Infection with T. annulata leads to tropical theileriosis in cattle, a disease characterized by clinical symptoms such as fever, enlargement of superficial lymph nodes, anemia, and respiratory distress. This parasite has also been shown to affect camels, buffaloes and other rumiants around the world. The mortality rate associated with this pathogen can reach up to 90%, although the severity of the disease varies among strains. Tropical theileriosis is endemic to Pakistan and is also widely distributed across southern Europe, northern Africa, and Asia.

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