The Dr. Antonio Martínez-Murcia assisted as an invited speaker to EPC 2024

July 2, 2024

It is probably the biggest event in poultry science in 2024 and we’ve been there. We are talking about the XVI European Poultry Congress (EPC) in Valencia, Spain.

On Monday 24th of June, Calier invited Dr. Antonio Martínez-Murcia from genetic PCR solutions™ to their satellite event on ‘Advances in Salmonella Vaccination’ as a speaker to present the talk design & validation of the qPCR kit Calier DIVA Primun Salmonella T developed by GPS™.

One of the most significant benefits of qPCR against traditional methodologies, is that using the genotypic method the timeframe for differentiation of the pathogen from the vaccine strain gets reduced from 24-48 hours to roughly 40 minutes.

The assay consists of a duplex qPCR using specific molecules, primers and probes, that target specific sequences of the pathogen and the vaccine strain respectively. With this fast and highly specific results, you will be able to differentiate the wild-type strain and the vaccine strain in the same qPCR test, making the process much simpler.

The analytical sensitivity parameters were validated, exceeding the acceptance criteria and the diagnostic sensitivity and specificity reached 100 %. Hence, after an external validation, the kit SalTypm&PriSal-T qPCR Duplex was registered at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing, and Food (MAPA) and it’s available in two formats:

  • F100: Liquid format stable at room temperature for transport
  • MONODOSE: with ready-to-use dehydrated tubes that can be transported at room temperature, avoiding frizzing and thawing and preserving the fluorophores. Reduced risks of cross-contamination. Fast thermal regime and compatibility with open devices.

This is not the first time GPS™ designs a duplex kit to identify both the wild-type strain and the vaccine one of a pathogen after the request of a client. In the same poultry field we’ve also got the kit MycGal&Mg 6/85 dtec-qPCR Duplex, designed to detect the vaccine strain 6/85 of Mycoplasma gallisepticum and the wild-type strains.

Do you need a kit that you can’t find in the market? We can design it for you!