Avian influenza type A virus subtype N2 (H9N2-like)


Influenza A viruses are negative-sense, single-stranded, segmented RNA viruses belonging to the Orthomyxoviridae family. Influenza type A virus is responsible of a severe respiratory disease with high morbidity and low mortality. The several subtypes are labelled according to an H number (for the type of hemagglutinin) and an N number (for the type of neuraminidase). There are seventeen different H antigens (H1 to H17) and nine different N antigens (N1 to N9). H9N2 strain is a subtype of the Influenza A virus with a wide host range, adapted to both poultry and mammals, and with an extensive gene reassortment. In China, which is regarded as an epicentre of avian influenza viruses, the H9N2 virus has been detected in multiple avian species and several children. The antigen N2, is also associated with the subtypes H3N2 and H7N2, which can cause pneumonia in humans. The assay is focused on detection of strains from the Arabian Peninsula and N2 associated mainly with H9 subtype.


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